Introducing Apple Pay

Apple Pay helps users to quickly and easily complete purchases on Apple Devices, using cards stored in their Apple Wallets.

It eliminates the need to manually type card or billing/shipping address details. You can authorize payments with just Touch ID.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay – In App & On the Web Payments

Apple Pay transforms payments with an easy, secure, and private way to check out using a single touch.

For use with iPhones, Apple Watches and other compatible iOS devices, Apple Pay allows customers to pay for a transaction, without the physical need for their credit card.


The risk of fraud is greatly reduced as the buyer's fingerprint identifies them as the cardholder.


Reach to Apple customers, who are global market users. Secure, easy and familiar payment solutions. Certified integration with Apple services.

Stress Free

It uses the latest tokenisation technology to encrypt customer details. By transforming a card number into a virtual token, Apple Pay provides customers with a simple, safe way to pay.

Hosted Payment Page

It only takes five minutes.

Contact our Support team and we can set you up in no time!

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XML API Integration

For a fully customised Apple Pay integration on your website, this can be achieved in three simple steps.

  1. Set up your Apple Pay credentials.
  2. Get your developer to integrate Apple Pay on the Web to your website.
  3. Process a transaction as normal.
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