Faith-based Organizations have unique requirements when it comes to payments, and chief among these is a desire for a strong relationship with a supplier built on trust. In addition to this, the findings of the 2019 Pew Report on the decline of church attendance in America highlights the need for innovation and accessibility to parishioners for contributions, tithing, and donations. At Worldnet Payments, we recognize the particular needs of this community, and we have developed payments solutions specifically to meet those needs. We have always valued personal relationships and we work hard to win and keep the confidence of our customers. Our solutions deliver strategic value to Church Boards and Councils, and provide real day to day value to the individual churches, bookstores, daycare centres and ultimately to all of the individual members of the faith.

Better Rates and Fees

Our rates are highly competitive, and deliver much better value than off-the-shelf software package providers.

Payments as Revenue Stream

Payments should be a revenue stream for the central provider, providing funds back into the organization instead of going to a third party.

Centralized Reporting

When each church, store and branch uses a different payment processor, there is no way to have unified visibility and analysis of donations and payments. Our omni-channel approach solves this issue.

Denominational Branding

Our platform provides the capability for you to use your own names, colors and logos, so that your members feel at home.

Reputational Protection

We are a reputable provider, in business with a large customer base since 2008. We are PCI certified and deliver the securest methods of payments to your members, to protect your reputation.

Increased Adoption and Revenue

Our omni-channel approach, our ease of use, and our assistance and advice with roll-out all combine to drive increased adoption within your organization.