Professional practices and contractors have specific needs when it comes to taking card payments. From health professionals such as therapists and chiropractors, to contractors for HVAC and other services, they tend to take payments less frequently, and in the context of a deeper engagement with customers. Unlike retail outlets, they don’t need an expensive custom point of sale solution, but they do need security and flexibility. They need the ability to take chip card payments, as well as the ability to set up recurring payments. Worldnet Payments have designed a solution for this sector, which is simple to set up, requires no software integration, and delivers an excellent customer payment experience.

The Features you Need

Our solution has all the features you need, including chip card payments, mobile payment, online payments, phone paymnts and recurring billing.

Reduce your Rates

Using chip cards just once with your customers can provide the ability to reduce your card fees for certain payment types by up to 30%

Reporting and Analytics

Our omni-channel payment solution means that all your payments data is in one place, making consolidated reporting and analysis simple.