ERP Software integrators and re-sellers have a real opportunity in payments. It is twofold – an opportunity to improve their own business, as well an opportunity to make life easier for their customers. For mid-market businesses using ERP software, the Worldnet Payments ERP solution streamlines different payments channels, and makes payments one less headache for businesses to manage. With recurring billing , a central payments reporting interface and electronic invoicing, they need never miss a payment. For the integrator, our payment solution is an opportunity to develop a new recurring revenue stream and to develop a deeper relationship with their customers. Please get in touch with us to learn more.

Rich Featureset

Our solution has all the features your customers need, including recurring payments, virtual terminals, electronic invoicing and central reporting.

New Revenue Opportunity

Our payments solution offers ERP integrators an opportunity to develop a new recurring revenue stream.

ERP Experience

We have broad experience working in the ERP sector, and we understand the needs of software integrators.